LFFL–Week 4 Recap: Feel good, look good…Lupe gets jammed by the Senator

How many of these things do you think I’ll be doing in the next 48 hours?

Greetings from…Amsterdam!  One of my favorite cities of all time.  One thing I can say about this city is no matter what time of day, I seem to always feel good.  That is part of the winning equation for the Senator, as they improve to…wait a sec, let me double check this, 4-0?  Gods help us. Other notes:

  • I just left one of my other favorite cities to get here, Chicago. You know what Chicago has? (besides hundreds of potential wives for me). They have the BEARS, and they took care of business on MNF, with 5 picks and 2 DEF scores, and that puts the Dust Devils at 2-2 with a come from behind victory over winless Rat Bastards. I don’t think that TV show is getting renewed for another season
  • What do Tiger Woods, Steve Stricker, and Mikes Bastards all have in common?  They all went 0-4 this past weekend.  Back to back Crappies for MB, and it comes at the hands of the Heroes, who was last spotted heckling Euros at Medinah.  Congrats on the 2nd skin; apparently Luke Donald doesn’t need your hat after all.
  • The Monsoon and the Gamblers improve to 3-1, and is it possibly grip time for H.Y.C. and CYDI?  Maybe…damn injuries…time to head to the 420 Café.

Key Matchups: Week 5
Gid’s Kids v. AZ Gamblers: Winner gets a Frangelico shot
Hilty’s Heroes v. Chandler Monsoon: The rivalry continues.

The spreadsheet is located here at LFFL stats.


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