LFB–Playoffs, Rd. 3: A belated Congrats to our new champion

Our final standings, my apologies for the late post, I was a bit off the grid the last week overseas.  Congrats to our new champion, Donnie Barqs!  Truly the best team in the finals, the offensive numbers were staggering. Did Chris Davis hit a HR every day for the last few weeks?  Seemed like it to me anyways.  G Moneyball tried their best the last day, but I think Barqs called up Leyland and told him to mess up Drew Smyley. 

Final standings w/payouts:

  1. Donnie Barqs, $100
  2. G Moneyball, $100
  3. Sweet Chin Music, $50
  4. Angels in the outfield, $50
  5. My Balls Ichiro
  6. Perfect in Seattle
  7. Team CCI
  8. I Trust Theo
  9. Team Kelly
  10. Diamond Sharp
  11. HOLY COW
  12. Bust-her Posey

For those who owe money, I will be in touch.  For those getting money…ditto.  Another great season, see you again next year!


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