LFFL–Week 6 Recap: Poll results are in…It’s the Senator then everyone else


The national election is nearly here; how fitting that the team setting our league on fire is known as the Senator.  Perhaps we should all look at political-themed team names.  [McCainiacs, anyone?] Currently sitting at 6-0, FgLgDg gets 42 pts from A-Rod, collects the Bullet Train, and continues to stay injury-free.  Hard luck loser Mikes Bastards would have beaten 7 other teams in this low scoring week…tough one.  Other notes:

  • 2nd in the polls:  I just recently realized that the Dust Devils had removed ‘Gilbert’ from their name, for obvious reasons.  They posted the 2nd lowest score this week; fortunate for them they played the team with the lowest score…talk about lucky.  Currently #2 in the power rankings, the Dust Devils win the battle of Weather, punking the Monsoon into the Crappie.
  • 3rd in the polls [barely]:  One Bastard gets their first win this week; RAT takes down Cam You Dig It?  CYDI stays in the Blue division lead, but there is currently a 3 way tie at 3-3 as Gid’s Kids improves to 0.500 with a nice win over suddenly slumping H.Y.C. Perhaps H.Y.C. stands for Horrible Youtube Clips?  That seems to be what that team is producing lately.
  • Look Out Now:  The defending champ, after a slow start, is now 4-2, and Peyton is playing like its 2005.  Boy he looked tough last night…keep an eye on this team.

Key Matchups: Week 7
Dust Devils v. Gid’s Kids: A defensive battle for sure
RAT BASTARDS v. H.Y.C.: Critical game for both

The spreadsheet is located here at LFFL stats.


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