LFFL–Week 8 Recap: The defending champ rises to #1


I decided to take a look at some league stats this week.  They are a great indicator of what is going on in the league, past and present.  Actually, I’m just really bored at work.  One stat that is hard to argue with: 5 game winning streak.  The defending champ spent the weekend in Detroit, got a Lions win, and a fantasy win, and moves to #1 in the rankings.  Other notes:

  • Wins:  Who is the winningest team in league history?  Lupe’s Warriors, of course.  With a career win % of 0.605, Lupe schools Gid’s Kids this week and remains at #2.  Lupe goes for franchise win #50 this upcoming weekend.
  • Scoring: The highest scoring team in league history?  No surprise here, THE BULLDOGS, with an all time average of 112.2 pts/game. So no surprise as the DOGS jam the RAT BASTARDS and collect this week’s Bullet Train with 145.9 pts.  Watch out for the DOGS if they get hot down the stretch…
  • Points:  Most points ever scored in a game?  This belongs to the Senator, 178.1 pts.  Wow.  A FAR cry from that score this week, as the team with the 2nd highest score in a game (176.3) the Chandler Monsoon humbles the former #1 to 75.5 pts, giving the Senator the Crappie and the Monsoon first place in the division.

Key Matchups: Week 9
Chandler Monsoon v. Lupe’s Warriors: The new #3 takes on #2, part deux.
Mikes Bastards v. THE BULLDOGS: BULLDOGS take on Chasing History

The spreadsheet is located here at LFFL stats.


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