LFFL–Week 10 Recap: Not a good week to be a starting QB in the NFL

Stay warm, I guess

Not sure how much fantasy impact this past weekend’s injuries will have, but QB’s were dropping faster than a drunk girl in high heels (…think about it).  Vick, Big Ben, Cutler, Alex Smith to name a few, plus several other MASH units were spotted carting off various players (A. Bradshaw is made of paper, apparently).  One team that is having no problem with injuries…the Dust Devils, who mutilate the Senator and their Feel Good attitude  Chalk up Bullet Train #3 on the season for D-squared.  Other notes:

  • Streaking:  I can’t be sure if it is a league record, but the Heroes claim it is.  Uh…OK.  7 straight wins for H-squared, and they show no signs of slowing down, beating the helpless Kids into submission and the Crappie. 
  • Also streaking: Told you to watch out for the BULLDOGS, winners of 4 straight now, as they dismantle…uh…C’mon Man?  Well, great name, not so great result, now 2 games back in the division.
  • 50:  The first two league champs who were also tied at 49 career wins went after the all time wins lead in a matchup that had 4 DEF TD’s scored.  In the end, it was Lupe’s Warriors becoming the first team to 50 wins, hanging on to beat CYDI by 8.
  • Perfection ruined:  There will be no perfect season this year, H.Y.C. bows down to ‘juggernaut’ Mikes Bastards, who throw down 143.3 pts.  Congrats!

Key Matchups: Week 11
Lupe’s Warriors v. Dust Devils: Devils currently on outside looking in
Hity’s Heroes v. C’Mon Man: Crucial division game

The spreadsheet is located here at LFFL stats.


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