LFFL–Week 11 Recap: Monsoon use ‘WMD’ Matt Schaub to claim Blue Division Title

Stud…this week anyways

The regular season is winding down, only two weeks to go, so it is time to talk playoffs and all the various scenarios!  We have our first couple of teams to clinch, starting with the powerful Monsoon, who can rest easy for the next couple weeks as they have claimed the Blue Division title, up 3 games with 2 weeks left.  Congrats!  Who knew Matt Schaub had that kind of game in him?  Surely no one.  No matter.  Other notes:

  • Clinched:  The defending champ wins his ‘league record’ 9th game in a row, and clinches a playoff spot with a win over C’Mon Man.  The champagne for the division title will have to stay chilled though as they only hold a slim 1 game lead over the Senator, who also took care of business this week, moving to 8-3. 
  • 7-4: The White division is just as tight as Lupe’s Warriors hold just a 1 game lead after bowing down mercifully to the Dust Devils, garnering only 55.9 pts and collecting the Crappie.  Will be interesting to see how that division turns out.
  • 6-5:  Usually, 7 wins gets you in, 8 is almost a lock.  Well, we’ll see this year as there are 3 teams at 6-5, one will most likely not get in.  THE BULLDOGS are one of those teams, and they are doing their part, putting up 156 pts and getting another Bullet Train.  What ever will they do without Gronk?
  • The rest:  Mathematically, it is still possible for a 4-7 team to make it, but not likely.  There are 3 teams at this mark, and they would need to score a ton of points and have some help.  Trust me…I have looked at this in depth!

Key Matchups: Week 12
Lupe’s Warriors v. THE BULLDOGS: Huge impact on White Division
FgLgDg Senator v. C’Mon Man: Can the Senator stay in division hunt?

The spreadsheet is located here at LFFL stats.


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