LFFL–Playoffs, Rd. 1: 2nd year in a row, the Beast gets fed in Week 14; Monsoon, Gamblers advance

Teams looking to advance in the playoffs should look no farther than one Skittle-eating ‘Beast’ out of Seattle.  As I looked at last year’s results in Rd. 1, the Beast dominated, helping the Machine advance, and he does it again this year, ripping up the Cardinals, and the Monsoon get just enough from Schaub on MNF to squeak by THE BULLDOGS by 2.2 pts.

Feel good no more, Senator.  The AZ Gamblers are a little more consistent across the board, and get the convincing win to advance.  Perhaps Knowshon Moreno is this year’s Marshawn Lynch?

Playoffs: Round 2
#4 AZ Gamblers v. #1 Hilty’s Heroes: To be the best, gotta beat the best
#3 Chandler Monsoon v. #2 Dust Devils: Can the Beast do it again?

Toilet Bowl: Round 2
#10 Gid’s Kids v. #7 Lupe’s Warriors
#9 H.Y.C. v. #8 Cam You Dig It?

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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