LFFL–Playoffs, Rd. 2: Someone will be our first 2-time Champion










LFFL History will be made this upcoming weekend!  For the first time in league history, we will have a repeat winner of the Belt, a 2-time champ.  What does this mean?  Probably nothing, unless you are Hilty’s Heroes or Chandler Monsoon.  These two bitter rivals will duel once again, this time for the ultimate bragging rights, multiple title holder.  The Heroes advance behind the leg of ol’ Thunderfoot, who kicks 5 FG’s, and the Seattle D, who come up big (again).  The AZ Gamblers will have nightmares of that 250 lb kicker for years.

In the other game, what can you say about the Monsoon?  Well, getting 28 pts from Dennis Pitta counts as LUCKY in my book, but it does the trick as Jekyl-and-Hyde Dust Devils show their low scoring side, and will have to settle for the consolation game.

In the Toilet Bowl, H.Y.C. dominates (with AP and Brees, how did this team not make the playoffs?), and will play Lupe’s Warriors in the final. All teams are in action again this weekend.

Playoffs: Final Round
Title Game:
#3 Chandler Monsoon v. #1 Hilty’s Heroes: Who will win their 2nd Title?

3rd Place Game:
#4 AZ Gamblers v. #2 Dust Devils: Match for $$$

Toilet Bowl: Final
#9 H.Y.C. v. #7 Lupe’s Warriors

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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