LFFL–Playoffs, Rd. 3: The Heroes go Back-To-Back, claim 2nd title

For the 2nd straight year, the belt will remain in Ahwatukee.  Hilty’s Heroes started fast on Saturday with Roddy White, then finishes strong with the Seattle D on Sunday night and hangs on to beat the Monsoon, 149.6-141.9.  Dez Bryant tried his best with 38.9 pts, but it was not meant to be for the Monsoon this year.

The AZ Gamblers exploded for 162.4 pts and secure 3rd place (and the $$$). Don’t forget the mysterious H.Y.C.; they capture the much coveted Toilet Bowl.


  1. Hilty’s Heroes: $574.40
  2. Chandler Monsoon: $320.40
  3. AZ Gamblers: $108.20
  4. Dust Devils: $80.00
  5. THE BULLDOGS: -$43.00
  6. FgLgDg Senator: -$21.00
  7. H.Y.C.: $8.00
  8. Lupe’s Warriors: -$15.00
  9. RAT BASTARDS: -$19.00
  10. Cam You Dig It?: -$41.00
  11. Gid’s Kids: -$19.00
  12. Mikes Bastards: -$33.00

Everyone knows the drill; payments will come once the people who owe money have paid. For some of you who are in other Louse Cup games, you may have a balance with me and we can discuss squaring up for the year separately. Thanks for the great season; we’ll see you all next year!

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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