Louse Cup–2012 Final Standings: King of Kings…again

The 2012 fantasy sports season concluded last night with that sham of a BCS title game (2nd year in a row), so here are the final standings for the Louse Cup.  Just like last year, winning a specific fantasy title does not guarantee you the Cup, you must be consistent throughout the year.  I take the crown for the 2nd straight year, bettering my average finish in the 6 leagues from last year to 3.33.

2012 Louse Cup – Final Standings:

  1. Chad Gadomski, 430 pts, $250
  2. Donnie Barqs, 370 pts
  3. Greg Hiltunen, 360 pts
  4. Barrie Sager, 360 pts
  5. Paul Mood, 340 pts
  6. Todd Gadomski, 330 pts
  7. Brent Roberts, 270 pts
  8. Dan Vangosen, 200 pts
  9. Dave Gadomski, 180 pts
  10. Mike Rice, 170 pts

The 2013 campaign may be without the college football league as the CBS website is garbage; I will keep it in the rules for now, but if I can’t find a better site, it will probably be eliminated.  Would be willing to hear of any replacement games if anyone has any ideas, or of any possible rule changes.

Many thanks to everyone who played this year; hope to see you all back in 2013!

Final standings are located here.


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