LFB–Week 1 Recap: I Trust Theo auto-drafts team of destiny?

Opening day highlights

Baseball is back!  Week 1 is in the books, and the first matchup results are in.  I have heard from a good source that I Trust Theo purposely auto-drafted to see if it would make a difference.  Well…let’s not give him the title yet, but a 7-3-0 drubbing of a former champ to start the season sends a message!  Dexter Fowler had 4 HR’s??  Gotta love Opening Week… Other highlights:

  • Perfect in Seattle (no name change?) starts the year #1 in the standings as they lay the lumber on the defending champ Donnie Barqs, 7-2-1.  5 HR’s from Justin Upton doesn’t hurt; looks like a big year in the ATL for the Upton brothers.
  • Several name changes later, Reverse Cowgill (who doesn’t even have Cowgill on his team anymore…name change?) rides the Tulo Train and takes the early lead in the Gammons division with a 6-3-1 victory over Team CCI.
  • Chris Davis will be in one teams nightmares for a while: CD puts up 17 RBI’s for the week…17!  But, one man can’t carry a team as Sweet Chin Music holds on and beats Team Vidlund 6-4-0.




HOLY COW v. I Trust Theo

So, both of these teams started out on fire.  Will HOLY COW’s pitching or I Trust Theo’s hitting prevail?  We shall see…

The league can be found here.


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