LFB–Week 2 Recap: HOLY COW apparently doesn’t trust Theo (and that’s a good thing)


Greetings from ‘lovely’ Portland, otherwise known as God’s Country.  Could have fooled me; God must cry a lot.  The game of the week didn’t turn out to be much of a game at all as HOLY COW survives two major injuries (Greinke, Reyes) and STILL easily wins 7-2-1 over fellow Cubs fan I Trust Theo.  This puts HC at the top of the standings; get that man a Budweiser! Other highlights:

  • Former champ Diamond Sharp adds to the self-proclaimed ‘best pitching staff in the league’ by acquiring Verlander late in the week, but he didn’t need him as his ‘young fresh arms’ put a 9-1-0 shellacking of Team Kelly.  
  • The defending champ gets back on track, coasting to a 7-3-0 victory over Sweet Chin Music.  Perhaps SCM should be focusing more on baseball then having your mascot boozing it up in Danica Patrick’s pit.  Always something shady at SCM operations…
  • Reverse Cowgill sweeps all offensive categories, but Bust-her Posey sweeps all the pitching categories as these two heavyweights split 5-5-0.  14 HR’s for RC is good; 6 W’s for BHP also is good.


Tie: 14 Saves, Grand Theft Votto


Diamond Sharp v. HOLY COW

Has to be, right?  #1 in the standings vs. a team coming off a 9-1-0 win, winner of this will lead the division heading out of first round of division play.

The league can be found here.


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