LFB–Week 3 Recap: Biogenesis…ERR…Sweet Chin Music ‘Juice’ Their way to 9-1-0 victory

Whatever, tooth

Quite a week for Sweet Chin Music; a couple of trades, maxing out on transactions, racing to a 9-1-0 victory over Perfect in Seattle, and yet ANOTHER player accused of juicing.  HMMMMMM.  Has to make you wonder just a little bit?  I’m not one to point fingers (looking at you, Cano), but a certain someone batted 0.346 for the week with 2 HR’s, 4 R’s, and 5 RBI’s. Other highlights:

  • Team CCI was also busy this week, from what I hear, offering just about every team a trade at some point.  Well, it worked as they cruise to a 8-2-0 victory over punchless Bust-her Posey.  
  • One other rout this week; I Trust Theo Autopick lays heavy lumber on Team kelly, wrapping up the week with an 8-2-0 victory. It helps when you have the NL player of the week on your team…anyone…Carlos Gomez.  Yep…you read that right.
  • The Game of the Week turned out to be pretty close, with Diamond Sharp squeaking out a 5-4-1 win over HOLY COW, all thanks to flame-throwing Mitchell Boggs. 


New: 0.788 WHIP, Grand Theft Votto


I Trust Theo v. Team CCI

ITT has been streaky, and Team CCI has also been very Jekyll/Hyde-ish.  Will CCI’s overwhelming team speed prevail, or will Theo’s pitching hold true?  Winner gets a beer from the Doghouse?

The league can be found here.


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