LFB–Week 4 Recap: Lawn Mauers exact a bit of revenge on #youngfresharms

Whatever, tooth

A rematch of our 2011 Championship game pitted the Lawn Mauers against “the best pitching staff in the league”. Well, LM takes 3 of the 5 pitching categories and hangs on and claims the 6-3-1 victory.  Overall, a VERY low scoring week as cold weather and double-headers played havoc with the offensive stats.  Other highlights:

  • HOLY COW ends their terrific run, succumbing to Team Vidlund 3-7-0.  Not bad though, still holding a slim lead in the division and playing a depleted Sweet Chin Music team this week.  
  • The Game of the Week turned out to be close (again!) as the wheeler-and-dealer Team CCI gets the slight edge and takes a 5-4-1 victory over I Trust Autopick.  Don’t let those javelina mess with your lineup, Mood.
  • The defending champ barely wins a stalemate, cashing in a 4-3-3 victory over Bust-her Posey.  Don’t let those ‘twins’ on your team logo mess with your lineup, Goosen.




Team Kelly v. Perfect in Seattle

Two teams who need: 1) Name changes, 2) a shot in the arm for their team, 3) a shot, 4) a big week from their first round picks (Mike Trout, Justin Upton), 5) javelina in their yard, 6) a shot, 7) a Vegas trip.

The league can be found here.


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