LFB–Week 5 Recap: Team Kelly has Wood…Travis Wood.

Several teams enjoyed a power surge of sorts as the offensive numbers were off the charts this week, mostly due to the weather warming up.  Fresh off a very subtle name change, Team Kelly has WOOD clubs 13 HR’s and gets the much needed shot in the arm and cruises to a 7-3-0 win over Perfect in Seattle of our Game of the Week.   Trout delivers (0.313, 3 HR, 7 R, 10 RBI) and Upton flounders (0.150, 0 HR, 3 R, # RBI).  Other highlights:

  • Name changes are not always the answer:  Calling it like they see it, new team name They’re Shitty are just that…shitty.  They get destroyed 1-9-0 to Young Fresh Arms, who hits 19 HR’s, tying a record.  
  • Huge matchup between SCM and HOLY COW turns out to be close, ending in a 5-5-0 tie.  SCM hits 18 HR’s and dominates offense, while HC takes 4 or 5 pitching categories.  SCM will be out of the country coming up for two weeks, typically not good for their fantasy numbers.
  • Lawn Mauers takes over the overall #1 ranking in the standings with a 7-3-0 drubbing of Donnie Barqs, hitting 15 HR’s…told you there was a power surge this week!  It’s tight at the top, with SCM and DS creeping up.


Tie: 19 HR, Diamond Sharp


Diamond Sharp v. Sweet Chin Music

Round 1 of this rivalry has SCM ranked #2 and DS ranked #3 overall.  Can SCM hold together a roster long enough before they 1) run out of transactions and 2) leave the country, or will Sharp’s pitching prove to powerful? 

The league can be found here.


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