LFN Results–Darlington: Rough week for the Earnhardt Division…one team emerges from the smoke

Damn you Kenseth

A week after all 5 teams claimed a tie for the lead in the Earnhardt Division, they all had their chance to seize the lead.  4 teams failed…one team showed up big time with a nice roster change.  Fender Benders is the lone team to win, putting in the #42 Target and rolling to a big win over Yooper Drive to claim sole possession of the Earnhardt Division lead…for now.

  • Fender Benders def. Yooper Drive, 95.50-76.75
  • Chandler Smoke def. Shake and Bake, 85.75-16.50
  • Conn’s Bastards def. Pecos Flames, 78.75-54.75
  • Buzz def. Barqs Motorsports, 88.50-81.00
  • Busch Whackers def. T-Bone, 101.25-88.25

Skin: Matt Kenseth (Buzz), $10

Buzz gets some good luck, a $10 skin, and looky here, a win!  Buzz takes down Barqs.  Conn extinguishes the Pecos Flames fairly easily, and Shake and Bake still searching for answers as world traveler Chandler Smoke cruises to victory.  No race this week as the All-Star race is on the docket for Saturday night…bummer.

Power Rankings:

  1. Busch Whackers, 9-2, 816.00 pts
  2. Fender Benders, 6-5, 769.00 pts
  3. Chandler Smoke, 7-4, 887.50 pts
  4. Barqs Motorsports, 5-6, 841.75 pts
  5. Conn’s Bastards, 5-6, 823.25 pts
  6. Pecos Flames, 5-6, 718.00 pts
  7. Shake and Bake, 5-6, 714.75 pts
  8. Yooper Drive, 5-6, 705.50 pts
  9. Buzz, 4-7, 833.25 pts
  10. T-Bone, 4-7, 826.50 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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