LFB–Week 6 Recap: Dominant pitching provides for some lopsided results

Bad week for blue

Bad week for the umps.  Three big blown calls, I mean, come on, that was a home run in Cleveland.  And letting a guy walk on 3 balls?  I know an ump who is waiting for the call up to the bigs, maybe now is that time.  Pitching was the name of the game this week with three 1-hitters (not that kind) where thrown (Lester, Miller, Sale), and this led to some very lopsided results.  Sweet Chin Music racks up the league’s 3rd 9-1-0 debacle as they get 13 K’s in 4.2 innings (???) from Alex Cobb.  SCM sweeps all 5 pitching categories from ‘the best pitching staff in the league’, Diamond Sharp.  I think we can stop calling them that now.  Other highlights:

  • Father v. Son, Part 1: It was quite a back and forth battle all week, but in the end, HOLY COW claims a 5-4-1 victory over previous #1 Lawn Mauers.  With a stud like Jordan Schafer (???) on your team, how could you go wrong?  
  • Still Shitty?: A week ago They’re Shitty were just that; not this week as they also sweep all 5 pitching categories and destroy Perfect in Seattle 8-2-0, coming only 2 steals and 2 HR’s away from Mooding them.  PIS might need to make their 5th transaction of the year to shake things up (by comparison, league leader SCM has made 50 transactions).
  • WOOD is…good?: Team Kelly has WOOD makes it two good weeks in a row, claiming the 6-4-0 victory over trade happy Team CCI. This must prove what I have been thinking all along: that having WOOD is GOOD.




Perfect in Seattle v. Lawn Mauers

Two teams coming off disappointing weeks are looking to rebound.  PIS holds the #12 ranking, LM #4.  On paper, much like the matchup of Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark, this looks to be awkward and fairly one-sided.  But…anything is possible! 

The league can be found here.


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