LFB–Week 7 Recap: Team Vidlund dulls up Diamond Sharp, cruises to 9-1-0 victory


Week 7 has come and gone, and it looked like it was one of those injury filled weeks.  Raise your hand if you didn’t have a player hit the DL this week.  Rough.  Apparently, not a rough week for Team Vidlund; they were 0.008 away in WHIP from dropping this season’s first ‘Mooding’ on Diamond Sharp.  DS is 2-18 in the last two weeks, and has vowed ‘major changes’.  Not sure Michael Young is the answer, but we’ll see.  Other highlights:

  • Traveling blues:  With Sweet Chin Music ownership somewhere in Indonesia, acting GM Stretch struggles to find an offensive spark, perhaps eating too many leaves around the pool.  I Trust Theo will not complain, scoring a 6-3-1 over former #1 SCM.  Stretch better have something up his…uh…paw(?) for this week.  
  • Traveling blues, pt. 2: HOLY COW is back in Michigan for the summer, and sees his division leading team hold on and score a tie, 5-5-0, with Team CCI.  HC holds a SLIM 0.5 game lead on I Trust Theo, and with division play starting back up this week, this division will be interesting to watch!
  • Trade Winds:  Lawn Mauers decide to take action, and ship off Prince Fielder for #1 ranked pitcher Shelby Miller and the ol’ Puma.  The Puma immediately helps out, getting 3 hits and helping LM to take the AVG category, and take a 6-4 win over Perfect in Seattle, who may have been suffering from Powerball letdown.


New: 0.761 WHIP, Grand Theft Votto

New: 0.761 ERA, Grand Theft Votto

New: 0.3540 AVG, Grand Theft Votto


HOLY COW v. team Kelly has WOOD

Back to division play and HOLY COW holds a slim lead, and this week takes on up-and-comer Kelly has WOOD, who, after a slow start, has been torching teams of late.  Too bad when pitchers hit HR’s it doesn’t count as T. Wood hit one yesterday.

The league can be found here.


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