LFB–Week 8 Recap: HOLY COW opens up lead in Harwell Division


Happy Memorial Day from Louse Gaming, Inc.!  Another week, and more injuries.  Seems to be that the only way to win this league is to stay ahead of the injuries.  Well…HOLY COW has injuries, but that isn’t stopping them, taking another 6-4-0 win this week over TK has WOOD.  It is pitching that is doing it for HC, something that is a must when structuring your fantasy lineup.  Other highlights:

  • Buzzards Island:  Several owners visited newly christened Buzzards Island this past weekend, and the owner/proprietor enjoyed the spoils, taking a 5-4-1 win over the defending champ.  Fun Fetti for everyone.  
  • Right the ship?: Diamond Sharp wakes up, and realizes they still have a team, ponying up for a 6-3-1 beatdown on I Trust Theo.  It will be interesting to see how this division plays out the next few weeks!
  • Power Play:  Looked good on paper, but the end result leaves Sweet Chin Music with a 6-4-0 win over Team Vidlund.  SCM strengthens lead in the division…but for how long?




Donnie Barqs v. Sweet Chin Music

Two teams who like to travel: SCM just got back from a 2 week trip, DB is currently hob-knobbing with celebs in LA.  Who wins this battle?

The league can be found here.


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