LFB–Week 9 Recap: Oh so close…Team Vidlund almost Moods Perfect in Seattle


Can you believe we are halfway through the season already?  It’s true…hope your team is exactly where you want it to be.  One team that seems to be OK, at least for the past week, is Team Vidlund.  The NY-Boston game last night was rain shortened; I mention this because Clay Buchholz got the win in this game, giving Perfect in Seattle a tie in wins, and making it a 9-0-1 victory for TV.  I believe TV had 8 HR’s in one day this week…whooo…impressive.  Pretty lonely on Buzzards Island these days.  Other highlights:

  • Trust in Autopick:  Quite a battle between two top contenders as I Trust Theo barely escapes division leader HOLY COW, 5-4-1.  HC still holds a slim division lead, but is perhaps rethinking not taking Miguel Cabrera with the 1st pick?
  • Sharp Wood?: A dead heat, 4-4-2 between Diamond Sharp and TKHW this week.  Quite an offensive battle…errrr…0.2386 AVG beats out 0.2151…uh…way to break out the lumber.
  • Happy Barqs?:  The defending champ has something to smile about this week as they take 4/5 offensive categories and take the 7-3-0 victory over jet-lagged Sweet Chin Music.  Chip chip chip away…


New: 20 HR’s, Team Vidlund


HOLY COW v. Diamond Sharp

Last week in division play and HOLY COW holds a slim division lead, but a good week by Diamond Sharp, currently 5 games back, could change things dramatically. 

The league can be found here.


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