LFB–Week 10 Recap: Sweet Chin Music breaks out the lumber, back to #1 in the standings

Could have a big fantasy impact

It has not been a good couple of weeks for Perfect in Seattle.  After going 0-9-1 last week, they are still searching for answers as Sweet Chin Music drops another 9 loss week on them.  SCM sweeps all offensive categories and is back to #1 in the overall rankings.  It will be interesting to see the fantasy impact if indeed these players get suspended.  Other highlights:

  • Power Surge:  Team Vidlund follows up last weeks record breaking 20 HRs with 19 more this week and takes down the defending champ, 6-3-1.  That is a lot of HRs…
  • Stolen: Wow, 17 SB’s for I Trust Theo; they sweep the offensive categories and dull up Team kelly has WOOD, 7-3-0.
  • Sharp uptrend:  Diamond Sharp must be doing something right as they put down an 8-2-0 drubbing of HOLY COW.   Young fresh arms…


New: 15 saves, Grand Theft Votto


Team CCI v. I Trust Theo

This should be quite a matchup; I foresee lots of stolen bases!

The league can be found here.


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