LFN Results–Michigan: Break out the Duct tape; the Biff gets the win

Flame on!

Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers in the league.  I believe we have 5 fathers in the league, and they went 2-3 today.  Not a good number, but hopefully the fathers had a good day none-the-less.  If you count dogs as ‘kids’, then count the Pecos Flames in on the fun, as ‘The Biff’ finally cashes in and takes a checkered flag, helping PF to the easy victory over golfed-out Yooper Drive.

  • Pecos Flames def. Yooper Drive, 80.50-67.00
  • Buzz def. Chandler Smoke, 87.00-63.75
  • Fender Benders def. Busch Whackers, 67.75-57.50
  • T-Bone def. Conn’s Bastards, 89.00-66.00
  • Shake and Bake def. Barqs Motorsports, 74.25-52.00

Skin: Greg Biffle (Pecos Flames), $5

Impressive Wins: Buzz takes down #3 Chandler Smoke, and Fender Benders takes down #1 Busch Whackers (Way to go Jeff Gordon for wrecking out on lap 3).  The defending champ is not faring so well…KK catches fire and plummets Conn to #10 in this week’s Power Rankings:

Power Rankings:

  1. Busch Whackers, 11-4, 1,092.50 pts
  2. Fender Benders, 8-7, 1,071.50 pts
  3. Chandler Smoke, 9-6, 1,172.75 pts
  4. Pecos Flames, 8-7, 1,006.00 pts
  5. T-Bone, 7-8, 1,191.00 pts
  6. Yooper Drive, 7-8, 1,096.00 pts
  7. Shake and Bake, 7-8, 985.25 pts
  8. Barqs Motorsports, 6-9, 1,096.00 pts
  9. Buzz, 6-9, 1,091.75 pts
  10. Conn’s Bastards, 6-9, 1,077.75 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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