LFB–Week 11 Recap: MOODED! Team Vidlund goes 10-0-0 on HOLY COW

Team Vidlund has been on quite a tear the last few weeks, so perhaps it comes as little surprise that they put down the first ‘Mooding’ of the year on suddenly tail-spinning HOLY COW.  Not overly impressive numbers, but good enough to sweep all 10 categories, and to seize the division lead and #1 overall rank.  Up next for white-hot TV…none other than the source of the first Mooding, Team CCI.  Good luck to both.  Other highlights:

  • Back on Top:  Another division lead changes hands as Diamond Sharp put up an 8-1-1 screamer on the Lawn Mauers.  Who needs trades when you are leading the division?
  • Back on Barqs: Some much needed life breathed into the defending champs team as they score the 7-3-0 victory over aptly-named They’re Shitty.  They definitely are…right now, anyways.
  • Back on the bases:  11 steals are good, right?  Sweet Chin Music speeds along with 48 runs as well and takes the 6-4-0 matchup over Team Kelly has WOOD.  Too bad Travis Wood can’t get offensive stats.




Donnie Barqs v. Lawn Mauers

The defending champ is currently on the outside of the playoffs looking in, and Lawn Mauers are coming off the wrong side of a beatdown.  Critical mid-season matchup!

The league can be found here.


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