LFB–Week 12 Recap: Team CCI muscles way to victory over #2 Team Vidlund

Long shot from Hanley

Lots of parity this week as 4 of the 6 matches ended in a 6-4-0 score, and one even ended 6-2-2.  One of the teams on the good end of the 6-6-4 score is Team CCI, who finally stop white hot Team Vidlund in their tracks.  It wasn’t much of a pitching performance, with CCI winning ERA with a 4.169 clip and WHIP at 1.324, but that’s how it goes.  Could it be that CCI does not stand for Crap Collectors of Ishpeming?  Other highlights:

  • 6-4-0 pt. 2:  HOLY COW finally wakes up from their golf coma and pulls out a win over Sweet Chin Music, all with Braun and Bryce Harper on the bench/DL.  Almost back to 0.500 for HC.  
  • 6-4-0 pt. 3: Team kelly has WOOD roughs up Perfect in Seattle (name change already!!), barely claiming Wins by 1 and WHIP by 0.018.  Close!
  • 6-4-0 pt. 4:  Donnie Barqs finishes out the 6-4-0 victories, taking 4 of 5 pitching categories to punch injured Lawn Mauers right in the teeth. Barqs just on the outside of playoff chase looking in.


Tie: 15 Saves, Grand Theft Votto


Perfect in Seattle v. HOLY COW

Something has to give here; both teams had a pretty rough last couple of weeks!  I predict a very close…(low scoring…) match!

The league can be found here.


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