LFB–Week 13 Recap: Parity runs rampant through the league

So, as the summer heats up, so do the baseball matches!  It appears that teams are settling in; just like last week, all the games were close this week, with 4 matches going 6-4-0, and the other two were ties.  Who had a great week?  Miguel Cabrera, that’s who.  0.417 AVG, 5 HR’s, 7 runs, 7 RBI’s to help I Trust Autopick to the victory over Lawn Mauers.  Perhaps HOLY COW is rethinking his drafting Braun over Cabrera?  Other highlights:

  • 6-4-0 pt. 2:  Sweet Chin Music is riding a hot offensive surge, led by a 27-game hitting streak by Michael Cuddyer, and takes the 6-4-0 win over CCI.   Hanley is catching fire at the right time too; stay healthy my friends.
  • 6-4-0 pt. 3: Team Vidlund keeps plugging along, this week They’re Shitty is the victim of Buster Posey (0.500 avg, 4 HR’s) and crew as TV wins.
  • 6-4-0 pt. 4:  HOLY COW pours in on vs Perfect in Seattle, getting 4 HR’s from Eris Hosmer? (Yes, we have an Eric Hosmer sighting) And a quality start from Bud Norris; seriously, how many teams has Bud Norris been on in the last 2 years.  I know he made at least 2 go arounds on my team last year!




Team CCI v. Diamond Sharp

Right now, CCI is on the outside looking in as far as the playoffs go, and Diamond Sharp is coming off a phenomenal pitching week.  With the trade deadline looming, who knows if these two active traders will have the same roster at the end of the week!

The league can be found here.


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