LFB–Week 14 Recap: bring on the beatdowns

Nice going skip

Greetings from…Portland.  What a fun city.  My rental car for the week is a Chevy Spark.  Hopefully no strong gusts of winds blow through.  Quick update this week as I’m technologically challenged at the moment.  Looks like all that parity I have been discussing is gone as the beatdowns were on this week.  Leading the rout charge was the defending champ, putting the 9-1-0 stomping on UN-HOLY COW.  Other highlights:

  • Back to the top:  Sweet Chin Music takes down They’re Shitty 8-2-0 and regains the #1 spot in the rankings. Up next for SCM: former #1, current #2 Grand Theft Votto.
  • Save situation: Diamond Sharp gets 10 saves and collects the 7-2-1 win over Team CCI.  No trades were reported for these two team this week.
  • Almost Perfect?:  Finally something to cheer about for Perfect in Seattle as the cruise to a 7-2-1 win over I Trust Theo.  Memo to Theo: Dexter Fowler is on the DL.




Lawn Mauers v. team Kelly has WOOD

The Cubs lone all star Travis Wood has a couple of starts this week; after taking down #1 GTV last week, what does WOOD have left for this week?

The league can be found here.


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