LFN Results–New Hampshire: Yooper Drive survives seizes division lead

I barely touched him

Holy wrecks, Batman.  A lot of yellow flags today as many of the top drivers once again failed to finish or were out of it in the end.  Smoke was leading for quite a while, but ran out of gas at the end.  Kurt Busch wrecked out early, and you would think this would spell doom for Yooper Drive. Not so fast!  Because the 48 had to start 43rd, his qual points were junk, and Yooper Drive hangs on to beat Barqs Motorsports by 1 pt.  Every point counts!

  • Busch Whackers def. Chandler Smoke, 96.75-85.75
  • Yooper Drive def. Barqs Motorsports, 51.50-50.50
  • Shake and Bake def. Pecos Flames, 67.00-51.25
  • Buzz def. Fender Benders, 78.50-60.75
  • T-Bone def. Conn’s Bastards, 80.50-76.25

Skin: Brian Vickers (None)

Vickers wins on Shake and Bakes bench, so a carry over for next week’s skin.  No race next week (boooo), but thank god TNT is done; see you in 2 weeks, Nicole Briscoe.  T-Bone narrowly slides by Conn, and puts a trio of Gadomski’s atop this weeks Power Rankings:

Power Rankings:

  1. Busch Whackers, 13-6, 1,410.50 pts
  2. Yooper Drive, 10-9, 1,313.00 pts
  3. T-Bone, 11-8, 1,545.75 pts
  4. Chandler Smoke, 10-9, 1,490.50 pts
  5. Pecos Flames, 10-9, 1,266.75 pts
  6. Barqs Motorsports, 9-10, 1,403.50 pts
  7. Conn’s Bastards, 9-10, 1,371.50 pts
  8. Fender Benders, 8-11, 1,284.25 pts
  9. Shake and Bake, 8-11, 1,230.00 pts
  10. Buzz, 7-12, 1,347.75 pts

I realize there have been some issues with the website displaying correctly; I am working on it.  Should be able to always get the full results/standings here.


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