LFB–Week 15 Recap: Only 4 matchups left in regular season; trade deadline approaching


The All-Star break is upon us, so that means no baseball until Friday.  Damnit.  This means an extended matchup coming up, so you will get to know your opponents team very well!  There are only 4 matchups left in the regular season, so teams on the playoff bubble might start to grip a little bit.  One team on the edge is our defending champ, who is currently 6th in the standings; Barqs takes care of business this week with the 6-4-0 win over another bubble team, Team CCI.  Other highlights:

  • 5th:  Currently holding down the 5th spot is the Lawn Mauers, who are finally getting healthy and are riding the hot hand of one Alfonso Soriano.  They easily cruise 8-2-0 over WOOD.
  • Bye bye?: Things are heating up in the Caray division, as Team Vidlund takes back the lead and the coveted #2 spot in the standings with a 6-4-0 victory over I Trust Theo.  The race for the bye is on!
  • They’re not Shitty this week:  Shitty has a great week, putting up an 8-1-1 beatdown on slumping HOLY COW.  Perhaps a good couple of weeks will get Shitty into that last playoff spot?




I Trust Theo v. They’re Shitty

It’s put-up or shut-up time for these two teams.  If they are to make the playoffs, one of them needs a couple of big weeks to close out the season.

The league can be found here.


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