LFN Results–Indianapolis: Barqs tallies perfect score(?) en route to victory

Newman’s sister…hot?

I knew it.  I should have seen the signs.  This past weekend I was at a wedding where most of the people were from South Bend, IN.  At my table at the reception, I learned that one of the guys went to high school with Ryan Newman and actually dated his sister.  I SHOULD HAVE PLACED A BET ON NEWMAN TO WIN RIGHT THEN AND THERE.  Damnit.  Anyway, Newman and JJ go 1-2, and I think it gives Barqs a perfect score?  Qual 1-2, finish 1-2.  Depends on the bonus points, but either way it is a dominating win for Barqs.

  • Chandler Smoke def. Conn’s Bastards, 87.50-84.75
  • Fender Benders def. T-Bone, 82.00-62.75
  • Barqs Motorsports def. Shake and Bake, 112.25-55.75
  • Yooper Drive def. Pecos Flames, 89.25-60.75
  • Busch Whackers def. Buzz, 87.00-85.00

Skin: Ryan Newman (Barqs Motorsports), $5

Couple of close shaves this weekend; Chandler Smoke survives early JR trouble and hang to collect the win over Conn (time to put in Bill Eliot?).  Busch Whacker barely survive over Buzz; big win of the week goes to Fender Benders, who ‘wisely’ start Montoya and take down previous white hot team T-Bone:

Power Rankings:

  1. Busch Whackers, 14-6, 1,497.50 pts
  2. Yooper Drive, 11-9, 1,402.25 pts
  3. T-Bone, 11-9, 1,608.50 pts
  4. Chandler Smoke, 11-9, 1,578.00 pts
  5. Barqs Motorsports, 10-10, 1,515.75 pts
  6. Pecos Flames, 10-10, 1,327.50 pts
  7. Conn’s Bastards, 9-11, 1,456.25 pts
  8. Fender Benders, 9-11, 1,366.25 pts
  9. Shake and Bake, 8-12, 1,285.75 pts
  10. Buzz, 7-13, 1,432.75 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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