LFB–Week 16 Recap: Playoff push begins with only 3 weeks left

Nice Play!

Only 3 weeks left and division play begins, with the playoff picture as muddy as my pool! [not a joke, it’s somewhat cloudy]  Not a lot to report in this past week’s matchups; as usual when there is a long matchup, over 2 weeks, the games tend to equal out over time.  However, I Trust Theo takes advantage of the long week with an 8-2-0 thumping of They’re Shitty and greatly improves their chances of making the playoffs.  It may not be clear from the ESPN standings, but here is how I have it from the 6th playoff spot and down so teams currently not in know the number (and team) they are targeting:

  • 6th:  Donnie Barqs, 78-71-11, –
  • 7th:  I Trust Theo, 75-76-9, 4 games back
  • 8th:  Team CCI, 74-79-7, 6 games back
  • 9th:  team Kelly has WOOD, 69-84-7, 11 games back
  • 10th: HOLY COW, 65-88-7, 14.5 games back




Lawn Mauers v. Team CCI

LM are 5th in the standings, CCI is currently sitting at 8th.  A lopsided win for either team could really change the playoff picture!

The league can be found here.


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