LFB–Week 17 Recap: With only 2 weeks left, playoff scenario is ‘shaping up’

Ranger power stroke

The first bout of divisional play sets the stage for the last 2 weeks of the season as teams are trying to position themselves for a long playoff run!  For the teams at the top, they want those coveted 1-2 spots, not only for the bye, but as we all know, in the playoffs, if there is a tie, the match goes to the higher seed.  With that in mind, Team Vidlund and Diamond Sharp take care of what they need to do,  putting up easy victories and putting the pressure on…GTV.  The division champs are still not decided yet, and the playoff teams are still up for debate, but here are the latest overall standings, judge for yourself.  You can see there is quite a jump from 6th to 7th:

  • 1st:  Grand Theft Votto: – games back
  • 2nd: Team Vidlund: 0.5 games back
  • 3rd:  Diamond Sharp: 3.0 games back
  • 4th:  Sweet Chin Music: 6.0 games back
  • 5th:  Lawn Mauers: 8.0 games back
  • 6th:  Donnie Barqs: 8.5 games back
  • 7th:  Team CCI: 18.5 games back
  • 8th:  I Trust Theo: 18.5 games back
  • 9th:  team Kelly has WOOD: 22.0 games back
  • 10th: HOLY COW: 27.0 games back


New: 120 K’s, Lawn Mauers


Sweet Chin Music v. Donnie Barqs

SCM needs to pick up games if they want that division title, and DB can’t afford to slip and let CCI or Theo sneak in!

The league can be found here.


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