LFB–Week 18 Recap: Hold on a second…Mooding puts Theo in the mix

Power Stroke

We steam roll into the last week of the regular season (already?), and just when the playoff picture seemed clear, I Trust Theo says whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock!  ITT puts a Mooding down on hapless HOLY COW, and puts a little pressure on the defending champ and the Lawn Mauers, currently clinging to the last two playoff spots.  Going to be an interesting last week as Barqs faces sizzling hot #2 Team Vidlund and the Lawn Mauers face #1 Grand Theft Votto; a bad week by either and Theo could sneak in. 

Two teams clinched division titles this past week; Diamond Sharp claims the Harwell title, and Grand Theft Votto claims the Gammons title.  The Carey division is technically not decided, but TV holds a 7.5 game lead over Sweet Chin Music.  Current standings with teams either in or still alive:

  • 1st:  Grand Theft Votto: – games back
  • 2nd: Team Vidlund: 2.0 games back
  • 3rd:  Diamond Sharp: 3.0 games back
  • 4th:  Sweet Chin Music: 9.5 games back
  • 5th:  Lawn Mauers: 13.0 games back
  • 6th:  Donnie Barqs: 13.0 games back
  • 7th:  I Trust Theo: 18.5 games back




Donnie Barqs v. Team Vidlund

Can TV get to the #1 seed, or possibly knock the defending champ out of the playoffs?

The league can be found here.


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