LFB–Week 19 Recap: Weeks of Justice begins…


The regular season concludes with a bunch of lopsided matches which end up deciding quite a bit, actually.  Sweet Chin Music puts up a valiant effort, but comes up 2 games short as Team Vidlund loses the #2 seed, but hangs on to win the division.

At the top of the table, Diamond Sharp and Grand Theft Votto end up with the same winning percentage, and were 5-5-0 when they played each other.  What’s the 3rd tie-breaker you say?  Division record, and apparently DS was slightly better here, and takes the #1 seed, and the Rod Allen ‘Filthy’ award for the league’s best record (…which is technically a tie…just wanted to point that out…I’m not bitter or anything…if only Brett Gardner could have stolen a base Sunday night…nope, not bitter at all).

A slight shuffle at the bottom of the playoff bracket as Barqs jumps up to 5th, and the Lawn Mauers drop to 6th. 

All teams are in action except the top two seeds, so keep an eye on the consolation bracket.

None – Done for the season

(5) Donnie Barqs vs. (4) Sweet Chin Music
(6) Lawn Mauers vs. (3) Team Vidlund

The league can be found here.


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