LFB–Playoffs, Rd. 1: Team Vidlund, Sweet Chin Music advance

Tough one

The first round of the playoffs is over, and we will have a new champ this year as Sweet Chin Music ends the fantasy baseball season for Donnie Barqs, 6-3-1.  The other team now focusing on football is the Lawn Mauers, as they lose on the higher seed tie breaker again, 5-5-0 to Team Vidlund.  Both teams employed streaming tactics and put up some impressive strikeout totals.

The consolation bracket wasn’t as close, but Team kelly has WOOD, Team CCI, and HOLY COW all win.  Final rankings are at stake, so keep up with your team!

(4) Sweet Chin Music vs. (1) Diamond Sharp
(3) Team Vidlund vs. (2) Grand Theft Votto

The league can be found here.


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