LFFL–Week 1 Recap: The BULLDOGS WR’s scorch the Dust Devils


What’s better than the opening week of the NFL?  NOTHING! The BULLDOGS appear to mean business this year.  After a preseason where team ownership filed 2 ‘official complaints’ to the commissioners office claiming tampering charges against other owners, they put the hammer down and use AJ Green (32.7) and Demaryius Thomas (30.6) to claim the year’s first Bullet Train over the punchless Dust Devils.  The rest of the league is now on notice; do not mess with the BULLDOGS!  Other notes:

  • Shootout!:  Can’t go wrong with scoring 140.8 pts in the first week, right? Wrong!  Not in this high scoring league as MaD Bastards Bastards (great name!) get pwnd by freshly re-tooled H.Y.C.  Perhaps we should call H.Y.C. the White Shadow with Wes Welker and Danny Amendola leading the receiving corps?  Some guy name Aaron also did OK.
  • Jammed!:  Can’t go wrong with getting 50.8 pts from Peyton on Thurs night, right? Wrong! Not in this well balanced league as Lupe’s Warriors shake it off and get 3 TD’s from AP and take the 6 pt victory.  Some guy names Andrew did alright as well. 
  • Kaepernick!:  Not looking too good when your best RB for the week is McFadden with 14.1 pts, right? Wrong!  Not in this league where MNF magic happens every week as the Chandler Monsoon get a late DTD from the Texans last night and steal a week 1 victory from the AZ Gamblers.  Some guy named Colin also had a good game.
  • Crappy!: Not looking too good when you are facing the 2-time defending champ in Week 1, right?  Well, in this case, it is right, as Free Rides on the Beast actually put up 94.5 pts, but fall in Week 1 and get the 1st Crappie of the year. 

Key Matchups: Week 2
Hilty Two Times v. Lupe’s Warriors: Former champs fight to start 2-0
Chandler Monsoon v. Team RAT BASTARDS: Former champs pt 2 fight to start 2-0.

As always, the spreadsheet with finances and stats will be updated, and can be located at LFFL stats.


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