LFB–Playoffs, Rd. 2: WEEKS of Justice will conclude with Sweet Chin Music vs. Grand Theft Votto for the title


The semifinal matches are over, and the final 2 Weeks of Justice begins today!  #4 Sweet Chin Music got up early in their match against #1 Diamond Sharp, and never really looked back as they cruise to the 7-2-1 victory.  In the other match, despite the heroics of one Ryan Zimmerman, who hit 9 HR’s during the 2 weeks (I will have nightmares of Zimmerman for a while), #2 Grand Theft Votto hangs on for the 5-5-0 tie and advance over #3 Team Vidlund.

Championship Game:
(4) Sweet Chin Music vs. (2) Grand Theft Votto

Who will win the title?

The league can be found here.


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