LFFL–Week 2 Recap: Battle(s) of ex-champions goes to Lupe, Rat Bastards


Week 2 is in the books and several teams are flexing their proverbial muscles early in the season.  How many of the owners knew that coming into this week, Hilty Two Times had won 13 straight league games?  Can I get a show of hands?  Anybody? Well, the key word here is ‘had’, as Lupe’s Warriors move to 2-0 with the slim 4.2 pt victory over H2Times.  Perhaps the start of a different kind of ‘streak’, champ?  Other notes:

  • Rat Pack:  In the other battle of ex-champs, the Rat Bastards live up to their draft day hype as they break the Monsoon by 75 pts.  Still looking to trade Calvin, JJ? 
  • Jekyll:  I just don’t get Free Rides on the Beast.  Every year, they go from looking completely horrible for weeks, but then torch the league for 150, 160, 170 pts.  Last week = bad, this week = GOOD as they capture the Bullet Train with 161.7 pts.  I guess ‘Noodle Arm’ Rivers still has some bullets left in the gun.
  • Power:  Sitting high atop the standings is H.Y.C. who almost beat the Dust Devils with just two players (Rodgers, D. Jackson).  It might be a short stay at the top though as injuries are starting to mount.  Although, maybe they just need those two players…
  • BaD: Tough matchups for this weeks Crappie winner as the BULLDOGS use weapon Mike Vick and put MaD Bastards Bastards down, giving MBB the low score of the week.  Remember…don’t mess with the BULLDOGS!

Key Matchups: Week 2
THE BULLDOGS v. H.Y.C: Does 2-0 H.Y.C. dare mess with the 2-0 BULLDOGS? 
Dust Devils v. MaD Bastards Bastards: Nobody wants to start 0-3. Nobody.

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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