LFFL–Week 3 Recap: Three teams move to 3-0, leaving rest of the league in their dust!

Nice tour

The first round of division play is over, and we have 3 teams with unblemished records leading the pack.  Two of those teams are former champs…look out!  The RAT BASTARDS must still be thanking their luck for Megatron sliding into the second round of the draft as they hold on and claim victory over winless AZ Gamblers.  Quite a 1-2 punch with Shady McCoy!  Other notes:

  • Dog Pound:  Do I even have to remind everyone…don’t mess with the BULLDOGS!  They are taking down teams like Walter White takes out enemies…cold blooded!  Easy victory over M.A.S.H.Y.C.
  • Graham Cracker:  Can anyone stop Jimmy Graham?  Not so far.  Lupe moves to 3-0 with 30 pt stomping of the Beast.  Stay dry, my friend.
  • Stinger:  When does the sting of going 0-3 go away?  Blurred Tynes is still waiting along with another winless team, the Dust Devils.  Fortunately for one of us, that will end this week as the two teams “collide”
  • Father knows best: Colin Kaepernick is looking like Donovan McNabb…when he played for the Vikings.  Father schools son as Gid’s Kids dismantle the Monsoon, who collect the Crappie with a career franchise low score, 58.8 pts.

Key Matchups: Week 3
Lupe’s Warriors v. THE BULLDOGS: Whoa! #1 vs. #2! 
Hilty Two Times v. Team RAT BASTARDS: Winners of last 3 titles go H2H

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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