LFFL–Week 4 Recap: Dust Devils, AZ Gamblers explode into the win column

Nice shield

Greetings from…frigid, rainy Portland.  Haha…they don’t have an NFL team here…losers!  Two teams that are not losers this week were previously 0-3 Dust Devils and AZ Gamblers, both of whom get their first win in style, putting up 163.7 pts and 145.9 pts, respectively.  The Dust Devils capture their 12th franchise Bullet Train, 2nd all time.  Other notes:

  • Dog Pound AGAIN:  AM I SOUNDING LIKE A BROKEN RECORD…don’t mess with the BULLDOGS!  I should have known, I haven’t even played them yet, but those two ‘official complaints’ have scared my team to 0-4.  They choke out Lupe, and move to 4-0.  Perhaps we should just call them Heisenberg until they lose.
  • Even:  I guess the rule is to NOT play Free Rides on the Beast in even numbered weeks.  They are 2-0 on even # weeks with an avg. score of 155.8.  0-2 on odd weeks, 97.05 avg.  That’s good news for the AZ Gamblers this week, bad news for the Dust Devils in 2 weeks.
  • Unblemished: We have one other undefeated team, quietly wreaking havoc on other teams.  Team RAT BASTARDS humbles Hilty Two Times into this week’s Crappie.  Overheard from H2Times late Sunday afternoon, “Don’t touch the face”.

Key Matchups: Week 5
Team RAT BASTARDS v. Heisenberg: Whoa! #1 vs. #2 again! 
AZ Gamblers v. Free Rides on the Beast: Which Beast will show up?

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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