LFFL–Week 5 Recap: It’s a battle of the ‘Have’s’ and the ‘Have-not’s’

The man is back

Injuries.  Can’t avoid them.  This is part of the luck of any fantasy game, dodging those bullets.  This is why I say it seems that this year we have a few teams breaking away (the Have’s), a 5-0 and two 4-1 teams, and those lagging behind (the Have-not’s), four teams at 1-4.  However, with this week’s injury report, this could all change in a heartbeat.  Other notes:

  • Have:  Lupe definitely has it, holding on for a slim win over the new-look Dust Devils.  Mediocre game from Jimmy Graham, but the Browns D set the stage early on Thurs. night.  A win with AP on a bye…that is good.
  • Have-not:  Oh the news isn’t great for former champ the Chandler Monsoon.  Crappie #2 for the year, bending over for Ol’ Two Time 87.3-75.5. Plus, Owen Daniels is out for 4-6, and Colin K is not living up to the hype.  Jay Cutler to the rescue!! 
  • HAVE: BULLDOGS. 5-0. ‘OFFICIAL COMPLAINT’. ENOUGH SAID.  …quietly…I will say the BULLDOGS have the least amount of points scored against them…dare I say smoke and mirrors?  Well…they get the Bullet Train this week, 2nd of the year.

Key Matchups: Week 6
H.Y.C v. Hilty Two Times: Interesting matchup between two 3-2 teams 
THE BULLDOGS v. Chandler Monsoon: DEN v. JAX is this week as well

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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