LFFL–Week 7 Recap: Unicorns, show-ponies, Where’s the Beef, BULLDOGS lose


Eleven.  Why is this number relevant?  This is the number of players dropped off of active LFFL rosters today.  Wow.  I’m guessing the waiver wire will be pretty active this week.  I’m guessing the grip button has been punched by a few owners.  I’M GUESSING…that Free Rides on the Beast could care less about any of that as they win their 4th straight with a 36 pt thumping of newly renamed, newly logo’d, losers of 6 straight, 3-time Crappie winner this year, Wow. Just Awful.  Other notes:

  • Streaking up?:  Winners of 2 straight, Gids Kids, not a scoring machine, but quietly moving along at 4-3 with the 96.7-85.6 win over Ol’ 2-time.  Must be snowing in the U.P., meaning golf season is over, and GK Management has lots of time on their hands to pay attention to their team.
  • Streaking down?:  Well, the fairy tale ride has come to an end.  The AZ Gamblers will enter the record books as the team that ended the BULLDOGS perfect season, needing to collect the Bullet Train to do it.  Not to fear, BULLDOG nation, Zac Stacy to the rescue!
  • Silently streaking: Team RAT BASTARDS also a team quietly moving along at 5-2, roughing up the new-look Dust Devils by 33.  Apparently, Frank Gore is alive and well in SF!  Bye-week issues my a**!

Key Matchups: Week 8
Team RAT BASTARDS v. Free Rides on the Beast: #2 v #3, Bastard or Beast? 
MaD Bastards Bastards v. Hilty Two Times: Hiltunen/Rice Sunday dinner may get uncomfortable.

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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