LFFL–Week 8 Recap: It’s a MaD Bastards Bastards world with a 0.9 pt victory over H2times

There is quite a log-JAM of teams at 4-4, five teams to be exact.  With 4 other teams sitting at 5 wins or better, what does this mean for the teams sitting at 4 wins?  Nothing, really.  I’m having a bit of LFFL-weekly-wrapup-writers-block today.  When Tom Brady only scores 8 pts for you, you’re doomed to lose, right?  Not so fast, says Gid’s Kids, who claim their 2nd Bullet Train in franchise history with a 42 pt exorcism of the I-need-a-RB-bad BULLDOGS.  Other notes:

  • Good Bastard:  It was close, and came down to MNF, but the MaD BB squeak by H2Times 99.9-99, winning their 2nd in a row.  Peyton Hillis had 10 pts?  Next your going to tell me that Andy Dalton threw 5 TD’s in a game.  Wait…what?
  • Bad Bastard:  Speaking of a certain ginger that plays in CIN, he tallies 34 pts, and the power matchup of the week goes to the Beast with an 8 pt victory over the RAT BASTARDS.  Megatron was absolutely sick on Sunday, but it was not enough to overcome Mount Bryant, whose sideline eruption translated into a fantasy win.
  • Save the ship?: Harry Douglas for MVP!  OK, maybe not, but he is proving to be waiver wire gold as H.Y.C. move to 4-4 and push losers of 3 straight the Hindenburgs to the Crappie.  Chin up, Hindenburgs, I smell big things for the Geno Smith/Chris Ivory/Jeff Cumberland connection.

Key Matchups: Week 9
AZ Gamblers v. The Hindenburgs: 2 teams going in opposite directions 
Wow. Just Awful. v. Dust Devils: Someone’s gotta win this game.

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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