LFFL–Week 9 Recap: AROD goes down, but H.Y.C. didn’t need him in victory over the RAT

Stretch it out, Coach

For anyone unhappy with their team, this is your week!  The trade deadline is this Wednesday, 12 EST/10 AM PHX time.  I am not anticipating any blockbusters sliding across my desk, but stranger things have happened.  The waiver wire is pretty, pretty thin.  Perhaps one team looking to make a deal is H.Y.C., who get the victory this week, but lose their top stud Aaron Rodgers for at least the next 3 weeks (only 4 weeks left in our regular season).  Is Eli Manning the answer?  Other notes:

  • Beast Mode:  It’s the Beast’s world right now, and we are all just in it.  Winners of 6 straight, FROTB moves to 7-2 with a slim 10 pt win over MaD Bastards Bastards.  8 of the 12 teams in the league had a higher score this week than FROTB, can you say “bullet dodged”??
  • SNF/MNF Shootout:  The two highest scores this week played each other (of course!), and Hilty Two Times escapes 33.6 from TY Hilton by getting 45.4 pts from Andre Johnson on SNF and 20.2 from Brandon Marshall on MNF.  Bullet Train for H2Times; heartbreak for the BULLDOGS.
  • Season over?: Collecting the Crappie this week is the 2-7 Wow. Just Awful, who was beaten by the now 2-7 Dust Devils.  No team with 7 losses has ever made the LFFL playoffs.

Key Matchups: Week 10
Free Rides on the Beast v. H.Y.C: Brother-in-law battle royale 
MaD Bastards Bastards. v. Team RAT BASTARDS: Bastards battle royale.

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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