LFFL–Week 11 Recap: MNF debacle? Not for Gid’s Kids, .., H2Times, and H.Y.C.

I got screwed

The Pats got screwed.  That call last night wasn’t as bad as the GB/SEA game from a few years ago, but…really?  As it turned out, we had 4 of our 6 games decided during MNF, and 3 of those games could have changed results just on that last play.  The fantasy gods laid down their justice last night!  Gid’s Kids entered that last drive from the Pats down by 0.1 pts, and after Brady threw 3 straight incompletions, it looked bleak for the Kids.  But Brady pulled it together, and even with that last INT, the Kids hold on for the 0.4 pt victory over the RAT, taking sole possession of first place.  Other notes:

  • Hanging on:  H.Y.C and MaD Bas Bas must have been glued to that last drive as they each had an offensive Patriot on the field.  It could have gone either way, but H.Y.C. hangs on and claims the 2.6 pt victory, moving 1 step closer to the playoffs.
  • 3 Times?:  Maybe the defending champ should change his name to Hilty Three Times, as they ride the Cam Newton-Greg Olsen connection to their 3rd straight Bullet Train, and the big victory over the Beast.  Beast still holds the #1 seed…for now.
  • Crap-tastic:  Could this be the year that a 7 loss team makes the big show?  I think it’s possible!  Riding a 3 game winning streak, the new-look Dust Devils cage the BULLDOGS, and send them home with this week’s Crappie.

Key Matchups: Week 12
Dust Devils v. H.Y.C.: Must win for both teams 
THE BULLDOGS. v. MaD Bastards Bastards: Bounce-back game for someone.

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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