LFFL–Week 12 Recap: Gid’s Kids hit Royal Flush and claim Division title

Extremely short update this week as the Commish is heading out of town imminently and will be off the grid for the next 4 days.  Last week of the year coming up, just my very quick assessment of the standings, here is what I see:

  • IN: Gid’s Kids wins the Blue Division
  • IN: Beast Infection and Hilty Two Times.  With a win this week Beast Infection takes the Division.  A Beast loss and H2Times win would give the champ the Division.
  • IN:  The BULLDOGS and H.Y.C.  By my calculations the BULLDOGS will win the division no matter what happens against H.Y.C. this week
  • OUT: Dust Devils, MaD Bastards Bastards and I Say We Kill The Beast.

That’s all I can really predict for now; it looks as though the RAT BASTARDS have the inside track on that final spot.  If they win, they are most likely in.

Key Matchups: Week 13
They are all key this week!  Good luck to all and Happy Thanksgiving!  Remember to set those lineups Wednesday night!

Spreadsheet: LFFL stats.


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