LFFL–Week 13 Recap: Dot Dot claims last playoff spot by sweeping division play

The regular season ends with some pretty high scoring teams, some playoff shuffling, and some division leaders ‘backing’ into titles.  One team that doesn’t back in is the high flying Dot Dot (my new nickname for ..).  They needed a win and some help, and unlike last year when they got neither of these things, this week they roar to a 66 point victory over Beast Infection, who collect the last Crappie of the year with 66.6 pts.  That’s a lot of sixes, Beast.  Dot Dot claims the …uh…6th seed.  Horned-chin up, Beast, you backed into the #3 seed and division title despite 2 straight losses.  Other notes:

  • He Went to Jared:  Gid’s Kids impressive season run ends with a ho-hum victory over Can’t Wait for Baseball.  The Kids claim the #1 overall seed and get the first round bye, and must now buy the first round of drinks throughout the playoffs for everyone.  (I just made that up, but perhaps a future rule change…)
  • Every Kiss Begins with K:  Backing into the division title by losing is our old friends, THE BULLDOGS, who claim the Mike Martz trophy for most points scored.   They also get a first round bye; no ‘complaints’ there.
  • December to Remember:  H.Y.C recovers from some midseason injuries (no Rodgers!) and claim the 4 seed, looking to make a deep December run.  The defending champ is in at #5, getting a shot for an unprecedented 3rd straight ‘strap’.
  • You’ve got a friend in the Diamond Business: This year’s Crappie Master trophy goes to last year’s runner up, Can’t Wait for Baseball, who scores the fewest points for the season.  The name says it all.

For the second straight year, we are over last years totals for transactions and money, so this years champ will make more than the last 2 years.  Good Luck to all!

Playoffs: Round 1
#6 .. v. #3 Beast Infection: Playing each other for the 2nd straight week
#5 Hilty Two Times v. #4 H.Y.C.: Is the champ’s run finally finished?

Toilet Bowl: Round 1
#12 MaD Bastards Bastards v. #9 Morning Woodhead
#11 Can’t Wait for Baseball
v. #10 Dust Devils

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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