LFFL–Playoffs, Rd. 2: BULLDOGS, H.Y.C. to fight for their first LFFL Title










The LFFL final is set!  In a record breaking scoring week for the NFL, the two teams advancing to the finals showed no mercy with 59.5 and 29.3 pt beatdowns.  What can I say about this matchup?  Oh, I have many thoughts, but these two teams have both been in it from the beginning, both have advanced to the finals before (but have never won), and are always among the top scoring teams each year.  It’s the BULLDOGS vs. H.Y.C.!!!  Marquee matchup to say the least!

The BULLDOGS advance thanks in large part to one Jamaal Charles, who puts up a re-god-damn-diculous 55.5 pts and they advance 130.6-101.3 over Dot Dot.  Chin up Dot Dot; have fun in Costa Rica, congrats on your impending nuptials (not you BK) and stay strong for the 3rd place game.

H.Y.C is no stranger to the finals, having lost in back to back years not long ago.  Could this be their year?  I seem to remember them picking up another Eagles QB via waiver wire on way to their first championship game a few years ago.  Could Nick Foles do what Mike Vick couldn’t? H.Y.C. take down #1 seed Gid’s Kids 159.8-100.3.  Thumbs up to the Kids for a great year, keep playing hard. 

In the Toilet Bowl, the bottom two seeds will play for the soon-to-be-created Toilet Bowl trophy.  Can’t Wait for Baseball vs. MaD Bastards Bastards.  I would like to change the name of this ‘title’.  Perhaps if some team goes 0-13 we could name it after them?

Playoffs: Final Round
Title Game:
#4 H.Y.C v. #2 THE BULLDOGS: Who gets their first belt?

3rd Place Game:
#6 .. v. #1 Gid’s Kids: Match for $$$

Toilet Bowl: Final
#12 MaD Bastards Bastards v. #11 Can’t Wait for Baseball

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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