LFN Results–Phoenix: Zoomtown is Boomtown for Harvick and Team Buzz

Freaky Fast!

Zoomtown USA has been in business 50 years, and for Kevin Harvick, I bet he wishes every race could be here.  He makes it 2 straight at PIR, and easily wins, getting Buzz the skin and moving him to 2-0.  Buzz has the 3rd fewest points, but is undefeated…go figure.  On the other side of the spectrum, newly christened TRiM (Team Rice independent Motorsports)…sigh… falls to 0-2, losing to one Carl Edwards and T-Bone in a battle of the last two champs.  Hindsight…

  • Buzz def. HSG Racing, 82.25-79.75
  • Busch Whackers def. Fender Benders , 88.50-51.75
  • Shake and Bake def. JR Nation, 86.75-78.00
  • T-Bone def. TRiM, 81.75-66.25
  • Yooper Drive def. Barqs Motorsports, 88.00-79.75

Skin: Kevin Harvick (Buzz), $5

Sitting atop the standings is a familiar name, Ol’ 2-time, Yooper Drive, who is looking strong with Logano and Biffle and they sit at #1 in this weeks rankings.

Power Rankings:

  1. Yooper Drive, 2-0, 166.00 pts
  2. Buzz, 2-0, 136.25 pts
  3. Barqs Motorsports, 1-1, 182.25 pts
  4. HSG Racing, 1-1, 162.25 pts
  5. Busch Whackers, 1-1, 151.75 pts
  6. Shake and Bake, 1-1, 146.25 pts
  7. Fender Benders, 1-1, 133.00 pts
  8. T-Bone, 1-1, 118.00 pts
  9. JR Nation, 0-2, 146.25 pts
  10. TRiM, 0-2, 136.75 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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