LFB–Week 1 Recap: Sweet Chin Music wipes out I Trust Autodraft with a Super Kick

So good to have baseball back!  Well, we can forget about that whole Australia experiment, right Bud?  Sweet Chin Music must have known it was Wrestlemania week as they waste no time sharp-shooting their way up the standings.  With the stunning results from the Undertaker match, will I see any teams renaming themselves ‘F-5 Powerbomb’?  Gotta love Opening Week… Other highlights:

  • Too little too late for team Kelly (who no longer has WOOD) on Sunday night getting 2 HR’s from Hanley, Team CCI had this one in the bag, 7-3, with Aramis Ramirez leading the way? What is it, 2005?
  • Two teams with new names played each other to a virtual draw, with Re-Encarnacion holding on for the slim 5-4-1 victory over When Puig’s fly.  I like Puig’s name better, I like Re-Encarnacion’s logo better.
  • In a battle royale from the …ahem…Senior circuit, HOLY COW looks like a waiver wire genius for picking up Emilio Bonafacio and takes the matchup 6-4-0 over Donnie Barqs.  Bonafacio?  What is it, 2007?


None (extended matchup)


Perfect in Seattle v. Diamond Sharp

PIS coming off a good week 1 victory, Diamond Sharp needs to bench Billy Hamilton…

The league can be found here.


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