LFB–Week 2 Recap: PIS puts on a power display

Week 2 has come and gone, and things are definitely shaping up.  We had our first big trade, with TV and new minted Sippin’ on Gin Andrus swapping 1st round picks.  I think I can safely say that Miguel Cabrera and Cargo are now ‘untouchable’ on their respective new teams.  Too early to throw these kinds of players around?  NEVER!  Other highlights:

  • Gyrk Store: Perfect in Seattle, otherwise known as PIS, ‘drafted’ his team for power and they executed this week, belting 22 bombs to set a record and destroyed Diamond Sharp 8-0-2.  They also added 66 K’s and 6 wins…oof…look out for PIS.  I hope I don’t get Golden Showered this week.
  • The Marble Ryus: 2012 champ Barqs gets back on track with an 8-2-0 thumping of Team CCI despite 11 SB’s from TC. Kyle Lohse with 2 wins?  J-Up with 4 HR’s?  
  • The Plouffy Shirts: On the other end of the power spectrum, Re-Encarnacion ‘wallops’ 3 HR’s for the week and hang on to the slim 5-4-1 win over Autodraft.  Rizzo for MVP?


New: 22 HR’s, Perfect In Seattle


Re-Encarnacion v. Sippin’ on Gin Andrus

A week 3 battle for the Harwell Division lead; should be interesting!

The league can be found here.


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